Ultimate Lunar Rover Challenge!

We are going to use our rovers to help guide us around the surface of the moon (the classroom floor).  For this mission, NASA has sent all of your rovers to the moon on one spacecraft, to gather several rock samples on the surface.  These samples will be the blue and red balls placed around the classroom.  Your job is to get your robot to pick up a rock sample, and bring them back to base.

There are a couple of rules:

  • There are no remote controls for the robots.  You must program your robots from your computer, and then send the commands to the robot by Bluetooth.  Mr. Cyr has that all set up for you.  When you're ready to make your robot go, press the "Play" button in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Hitting into a wall or another rover can cause serious damage!  Avoid hitting anything as best as you can!
  • The blue spots in the room are craters; don't let your robot fall into them!
  • Anything that makes your robot give out a high-pitched noise (including falling into a pit) means that you will need to bring your robot back to base and start over!

Things to think about:
  • You could try guessing and checking to get your robot to work, but there's a better way.  What are some other strategies that you could use?