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NEW NXT SimpleBot

This simple robot template is easy to build, positions the NXT brick in a more level position, and saves the rear pinholes on the motors to be used for a gear train or to add additional wheels. Instructions include pictures showing all of the pieces needed for construction, as well as step-by-step pictures for assembly.  Let's begin!

Step 1:  Building the Arms

 Here's what you need:

(2) 3-Beams
(2) 7-Beams
(2) 3 x 5 L-Shaped Beam
(8) Friction Pins
(4) Long Friction Pins

On the 7-Beam, attach Long Friction Pins into the first and third pinholes, and regular Friction Pins into the fifth and seventh pinholes.  On the L-Shaped Beam, insert regular Friction Pins into the first and third pinholes on the shorter side of the beam.

Connect the L-Shaped Beam to the regular Friction Pins on the 7-Beam.

Build another attachment like the one you just built, attaching the L-Shaped Beam on the opposite side of the 7-Beam.  Connect the two 3-Beams to the Long Friction pins on both 7-Beams.

Step 2:  Attaching the Arms to the Motors

Here's what you need:

The arms you just built in Step 1

(2) Motors

Make sure that the grey part of the motors are facing upwards, and that you can see the three pinholes right on top of the orange rotors.  All you need to do here is attach the arms on the outside of the two motors.

Step 3:  Attaching the NXT Brick

Here's what you need:

(1) NXT Brick
(1) 11-Beam
(4) Friction Pins

Attach the NXT Brick to your robot assembly using the Long Friction Pins still sticking out of the three beams.

Connect Friction Pins in the first, third, ninth and 11th pin holes on the 11-Beam.  Use these to attach your robot to the pinholes on the back of the two motors.

Step 4:  Adding a Free Wheel

What you need:

(2) Hole-hole-axle perpendicular cross blocks
(1) Axle-hole-axle perpendicular cross blocks
(1) 6-Axle
(1) 8-Axle
(5) Full bushings
(2) Half bushings
(2) Axle pins
(2) Friction pins
(1) 5-Beam (or 7-beam if you need to)
(1) Small Wheel

Connect your 8-Axle, your 5 full bushings, your 5-beam, and your axle-hole-axle cross block together, like this:

Then, connect your remaining pieces together to enclose the wheel, like this:

When you have these two parts done, connect the 5-beam to the two axle-hole-hole blocks to create a free wheel, like this:

Then, connect to the 11-Beam on the back of your base, at the 5th and 7th pinholes.

Step 5:  Adding the Front Wheels and Connecting the Motors

Here's what you need:

(2) Wheels
(2) Two wires
(2) 6-Axles
(2) Full Bushings
(4) Half Bushings

Attach a 6-Axle to each wheel, with a Half-Bushing on the outside of the wheel hub and a Full Bushing on the inside.

Push your wheel assembly into each motor from the outside-in, adding a Half Bushing on the inside of each motor.

Finally, use the wires to connect your motors to your NXT brick.  Our robot base is finished!