Part 2: How to Identify Mindstorms and Technic Parts and Pieces

When we build robots with LEGOs, we're not using any ol' LEGO pieces.  We use LEGO Mindstorms and LEGO Technic pieces.  These can be quite a bit different from the LEGOs you might be used to.  Furthermore, with many different types of pieces and different ways to name them, they are easy to confuse with each other.  We're going to spend some time learning about these new LEGO pieces, what they're called, and how we figure out what they are called and how we use them.  In the future, being able to use the terms we'll learn will make it much easier to talk about and find the LEGO pieces you need with others.

The slideshow below talks about the most common LEGO pieces that we'll be using during this project.  We'll go through these together.  Later on in the project, we'll be doing a fun Kahoot quiz to see how much you remember!