Part 6: Learn About the Missions

There are seven missions that your robot will need to do in total.  Learn more by watching the videos below!

Mission 1:  Activate Communications

Can you get the communications satellite up and running so that scientists can send data back to base?

Mission 2:  Assemble Your Crew

Can you retrieve the flight commander from lunar flight base?

Mission 3:  Free the MSL Robot

The MSL is stuck up a steep slope on the surface of Mars.  Can you get it down? 

Mission 4:  Launch the Satellite into Orbit

A communications satellite needs to be launched into Earth's orbit in order to communicate with space base.  Can you get it there?

Mission 5:  Return the Rock Samples

Scientists have found three fascinating rock samples, and need them returned to space base for analysis.  Can you get them there?

Mission 6:  Secure a Power Supply

The space base needs power.  Can you enable the solar array?

Mission 7:  Initiate Launch

The astronauts are ready for their mission to Mars.  Can you initiate the launch of the rocket?