Part 7: It's Challenge Time!

You've built your robot.  You've trained on the learning missions.  Now it's time for launch!  Put you and your robot to the test on the Space Challenge table, and see what you can do!

You may want to go back to Part 6 to look at what you need to do for each mission.  You'll also find the rubrics there, so you will know how your robot will be scored.  Below is the scoring sheet, which will be used to figure out how many points you earned!

There are two Challenge Planning documents. These will be helpful as you figure out what you want your robot to do. Use them. Part 1 looks at figuring out what order you want to do the missions. Part 2 helps you figure out what the programming will look like.

The rules:
  • Complete as many missions as you can in 2 minutes.
  • You can do the missions in whatever order you want, EXCEPT Initiate Launch, which must be the last mission that you do.  Once you Initiate Launch (or when the 2 minutes is up), your run is over. 
  • You can try each mission as many times as you want.
  • Each mission must start from base.
  • Your robot can not complete a mission while it is still in base.
  • If any part of your robot crosses the base line, it is considered in base.
  • Touching the robot while it is outside of base will result in a penalty of 1 point.
  • Any mission models that the robot is in contact with when the robot is touched will be reset to their original position.