Part 3: Building a Rescue Vehicle

Now that we've learned more about the properties of gears, we're going to learn more about the relationship between power, speed, and torque, and the tradeoffs we make when combining different input and output gears.

We need to build a rescue vehicle capable of climbing a steep slope to rescue stranded mountain climbers. We have a basic drive base for a vehicle to do that, but we're not quite sure of what gear train would make the most sense for our drivetrain. Each group is going to build the same basic robot, but will have different input and output gears to work with. When we're done, we will test our vehicles at different heights, and you'll learn more about how we'll do that in Part 4.

There are two different template building instruction guides, based on whether you are using two Spur gears, or one spur gear and one worm gear. Once you know what your gears are, click on the link for the correct build guide below.