Part 4: Testing Our Vehicles

Now that our vehicles are built, it's time to test them.

Each vehicle will need to be tested at a variety of different heights, each one getting a little steeper than the one before. Our goal is to see which robots are able to climb to the top, which ones go the fastest, and maybe find the best combination of the two. Will your robot make it to the top? We're about to find out!

You will be using the worksheet below. For each test, you will add one book underneath the ramp to add a little extra height to it. You will then set up your robot at the bottom of the ramp, press the touch sensor, and see what it does. You'll record the distance traveled and time traveled to the test sheet. If your robot made it to the end of the ramp, you'll add another book underneath the ramp, and test again. If your robot gets stuck, you will record the results on your sheet and finish testing there.

Be prepared to discuss what you found after you are done testing!